About DoorServer

What is DoorServer?

DoorServer is the easy and fastest solution for online ordering of your food from your favorite restaurants and alcoholic beverages; beer, wine and liquor within all the parts of Cambridge and Somerville. DoorServers offers the deliver and takeouts of the food from your favorite restaurants and alcohol beverages from the liquor store to your door. Besides, DoorServer allows you to make reservations in your restaurant on your favorable date and time. Plus, DoorServer helps you to cater in your occasions like birthday, meetings, seminars, parties and others.

For Press or media inquiries, contact our representatives at press@doorservers.com

Do you want to work with us?

If you're interested in growing business in your restaurant within Cambridge and Somerville, please send us email to partners@doorservers.com

How long do deliveries take?

Usually, DoorServer delivers the food and liquor within 30-40 mins.

What if the consumer is intoxicated?

The delivery driver has the final discretion on leaving product with the customer. If the driver withholds the delivery, DoorServer will refund the fees and charges paid by the customer.